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Jewels of the Jedi   Priestess/Magi Mentorship Program

Boundless Learning Without Walls

Jewels of the Jedi: Welcome

Throughout the Blossoming process of the Lotus bud pushing through the murky waters, the petals of the Lotus flower are never touched or affected by the water, so the centre remains uncontaminated throughout its unpleasant journey.


Symbolic of the purity of the Human Spirit and how nothing we experience could ever taint it, we travel the Path of the Lotus Jedi Beauty Way, finding ourselves immersed in the annals of our Soul's Journey, where we discover our True Authentic Power.  

We take that Power and like the Alchemist, refine it into Pure Glistening Golden Platinum Diamond Source Light to Benefit others through our Divine Mission we were born to enact at this Blessed Juncture of Human History on this Planet.


​Join Us and Immerse yourself in Your True Divine Mission and Authentic Beauty Way as initiated through the Lotus Jedi Order.​


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May All Beings Be Free from Suffering
And So It Is.


Jewels of the Jedi

Priestess/Magi Online Mentorship Program
Sacred Sites Initiation Pilgrimage

begins Friday, March 20, 2020.

Accepting Registration Deposits NOW for the Online Mentorship Program!

Early Bird Prices (SOLD OUT) January 31, 2020. 

Tier 1 Pricing - Feb 1, 2020 - Mar 3, 2020 - Only 5 spots left!
Tier 2 Pricing begins Mar 4, 2020 - Full Price 

Thirteen Full Moons (3/20/20-5/1/2021)

13 Months - Twice a Month Online Group Immersions (Full & New Moons)

13 Monthly Personal Deep Dive Sessions with Saralise

6 Pilgrimages Walking the Earth

3 Weekend Excursions

Deep Inner Soul Work

and a few Ceremonies thrown in. 



Jewels of the Jedi: About

How Our Program Works

Now is the time for us to step into our Full Embodiment and Full Power,

the reason why We birthed into this Lifestream! 

Do you know why you are here this time around? 


Let's find out! 

Let's clear anything that does not serve Your Highest Expression and

Let's Get BUSY! 

We have PLAY to Happen People! 


Over the years I have learned many lessons, first and foremost is the lesson of placing my full trust in Spirit and listening Deeply to my Internal Compass and where I am being guided to be of maximum service in any moment! 

If you have felt called to walk the earth and do deep inner Soul Work, then you are definitely ready for the Lotus Jedi Beauty Way, a Full-Bodied Immersion into the Order of the Lotus Jedi, previously known in other Aeons as the Order of the Jedi, and now known as the "Galactic Warrior "Magi and Priestess Starseed Reality that we are presently living as we step into Full Embodiment and Full Power!!!  


What I know to be True is we are ALL the LOTUS and we are ALL the JEDI, and it is just a matter of really tapping into our Truest Nature and Relaxing into our Deepest Power and accepting this for ourselves. 


This does not come without some really BIG shifts in our consciousness as we lean into our Enlightenment and Allow ourselves to be Guided by our Highest Aspect, the Monadic Source Seed.  When we Fully Embody this aspect, we become the Command Center for all other aspects and we begin to live our Richest Life, full of jewels of deep inner knowing, pearls of wisdom that spring forth, and deep levels of trusting our Gut.  We come to rely upon our Clearest Intuition as the True Voice of our Consciousness and we discover Universal Truth at our fingertips, in our Direct Knowing or what is commonly referred to as Gnosis.

Join me on this exquisite journey into the deep landscape of Your Inner World, back through the Annals of Your Soul's His/Herstory, and reclaim what was once Yours.  Through this Initiatory Process, we will find the Keys of Golden Source Light that belong to Us and reclaim our Divine Inheritance, so that we may be of Maximum Service to Humanity and our Planet at this time.

This process takes some deep Soul Searching and a Full Resonant YES! to enact this level of Initiation, therefore not everyone will feel called at this time, nor will it be the perfect fit for you.  This is why it is Vital and Important to have a conversation to make sure that it is the Best fit for you Now and you have the time you need to make an informed decision about participating in this program. 


All participants must commit to the full 13 Moons Online (Bi-Weekly Calls 3/20/20-5/1/2021) in order to be accepted into this Mentorship program. 


It is not necessary to participate in any or all of the Pilgrimage Immersions,
although it is Highly Recommended. 


This Program is designed to support you and integrate within your life rather than take you out of it...  It's not about dropping your life, its about having the support that you need to empower your choices and give you the fuel you require to live your highest expression and joy!


This Experience will Forever Change the Fabric of your Being.



Online Immersion Mentorship Program includes:


Diving Deep into Your Galactic Core
Retrieving Soul Aspects that have been kept hidden for safekeeping
Accessing Your Highest Inner Light and Wisdom
Tapping into Your Monadic Source Seed
Accessing Your Cosmic Mission and Your purpose for incarnating at this time
Tapping into Your SuperHuman Strength
Bringing back Your Majick from the Source of Your Soul
Cultivating Your Creative Mastery Map

Personal Auspicious Feng Shui Directions and how to Counteract Negative Chi

Establishing Deep Abiding Authentic Friendships with like-minded Souls, your Tribe
Energetic Protocols and Tools that can be applied in any given interaction
Healing the Root Causes of our collective and personal narcissism
Immaculate Self-Care 

Listening to the Rhythms of your Body and the Ebbs and Flows of Your Energy
Whole Embodiment Practices and Super Power Breathing
Remote Viewing Practices
Accessing Your own Akashic Records and tuning into the Akashic Field
Activating Your Source Codes in your DNA
Embodying Your Source Seed
Surrender of Your False Ego, and Implementation of Your Healthy Ego
Womb/Hara Cleansing and Primal Fire Activation
Dragon Fire Initiation

Into the Void Ceremony (Clearing the Subconscious Sphere)
Amplifying your Light Body Energetic Matrix & Protective Shielding
Psychic Warrior Protocols
Parenting Your Inner Child
Clearing Deep Trauma from Your Cells
Reformatting and Reprogramming Your Consciousness for Full Embodiment & Infinite Flow
Staying Grounded in Your Body at all times & releasing dissociation
Communication Protocols of Non-violent Communication, Compassionate Communication and Accountability

Clearing Ancestral Patterning from your DNA
Clearing Subconscious Programs that wreak havoc on your life
Deconstructing Old Paradigm Programs that keep you stuck

Realigning with the Natural Rhythms of our Soul's Calendar and

move into right alignment with Natural Law

Diving Deep into Trust

Tuning into Our Somatic Cosmology and the Astro-Ephemeral Aspects of Consciousness
Clearing and Healing Your Relationship with the Energy known as Money
Establishing, Understanding & Enacting Personal Boundaries with Love & Grace
Energetic Protocols for Activating and Repairing the Earth Grid



Pilgrimage & Initiation Immersions include:

(Returning students on Pilgrimages welcome to join without
participating in Online Program)

Source Codes Summer Solstice Retreat
Good Hart, MI

Violet Flame Initiation
Mount Shasta, CA

Cosmic Heart Initiation Immersion - Druids of Avalon
Glastonbury, Tintagel, Cornwall and Southern England, UK

Celtic Shaman Initiation Immersion
Tara and throughout Ireland

Central Fire Initiation

Crestone, CO

Dragon Fire Initiation
Port Townsend, WA


Magdalene Sophia Christ Initiation Immersion
Southern France

Receiving the Staff
Mayan Temple Complex, Guatemala, Mexico & Belize

Into the Void Ceremony
Portland, OR

Eternal Life Immersion
Egyptian Temples, Egypt and the Nile

Shamanic Heart Initiation Immersion
Sacred Valley, Peru

Language of Light Conference
Rome, Italy


More To Be Announced as Guided in this Process

This Beautiful Immersion into Your Spirit and walking the Earth 

continues again with the 2022 Walk the World Pilgrimage Tour

and will be the next leg on this Phenomenal Journey. 


The Jewels of the Jedi Mentorship Program is a Prerequisite for this Tour where we will be actively in our Mission Activating and Repairing the Earth Grid as we listen deeply to our Guidance in Every Moment. 

All we have to do really ...

is Show Up!


I am so deeply honored to be here to be of service in this sacred way and

to facilitate the birthing & reconnection of humanity on Our Mother Gaia. 

Thank you for Allowing me to facilitate this Deep Dive into your Sacred Beauty Way,

I am so Grateful. 

Thank you for showing up for your Divine Appointment,

and for joining me on this Sacred Quest!


May we coalesce and play together for the Benefit of All Beings Everywhere!  AHO! 


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May ALL Beings be Free from Suffering! And So It Is!
Shinamanako Shinamanaka


Rev Dr Saralise Shekinah Sophia
Founder and Executive Director, Legion of Light Global Ministries

Jewels of the Jedi: How it Works