Throughout the Blossoming process of the Lotus bud pushing through the murky waters, the petals of the Lotus flower are never touched or affected by the water, so the centre remains uncontaminated throughout its unpleasant journey.

Symbolic of the purity of the Human Spirit and how nothing we experience could ever taint it, we travel the Path of the Lotus Jedi Beauty Way, finding ourselves immersed in the annals of our Soul's Journey, where we discover our True Authentic Power.  

We take that Power and like the Alchemist, refine it into Pure Glistening Golden Platinum Diamond Source Light to Benefit others through our Divine Mission we were born to enact at this Blessed Juncture of Human History on this Planet.

Join Us and Immerse yourself in Your True Divine Mission and Authentic Beauty Way as initiated through the Lotus Jedi Order.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May All Beings Be Free from Suffering

And So It Is.

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Jewels of the Jedi

Priestess / Magi Mentorship Program

Activate Your Cosmic Nature through the Practice of the Lotus Jedi Beauty Way

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Alex Diaz, Client & Mystery School Participant

During the Modern Magi Mystery School and Private Sessions, Saralise assisted and opened me up to layers of myself I had seemingly forgotten were there.  In my experience, there have been many parts of myself that have been repressed on a soul level and have been negligent and insecure in expressing.  Through the work and capacity of space she holds, I have been able to tap into some of those wounds and traumas that were holding me back from expressing myself in my truest and most sovereign self.  We ALL deserve to experience the liberated and free and blissful selves that we are.  My immense gratitude to her for the work she is doing in and out of sessions to help us all shift to the place of Full Embodiment and ridding ourselves of past and current lifestream traumas.  Through our work together, I learned several tools in dealing with and confronting a variety of energies, learning how to maneuver, work with and release those energies.
So so much gratitude and love for this woman in my life.